Relocation Connections Inc

Move Management

move management

This is a subset of our project management services, and our focus is on the relocation of the business as a whole. Our services include:

  • Developing and administering a move plan and schedule.
  • Coordinating all vendor activities and deliverables.
  • Monitoring the status of the project throughout the project.
  • Conducting weekly meetings and preparing management summary reports or meeting minutes.
  • Coordinating space planning activities.
  • Coordinating Telecommunication and IT activity.
  • Coordinating schedules with Landlords at each location.
  • Creating an inventory of Surplus furniture and equipment to be disposed of.
  • Creating a detailed RFP for movers based on accurate inventory and move schedule.
  • Development and implementation of a Departmental Move Coordinator program.
  • Preparing comprehensive employee move instructions to address the human element involved in a smooth transition and to assist our clients in fostering positive employee morale.
  • Providing on-site management throughout move process.
  • Developing a complete new location Welcome program for all employees.
  • Providing on-site post move coordination at the new location.
  • Coordination of clean up activities at vacated location.