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Facilities Management

facilities management

Many companies face an enormous challenge in managing the constant movement of people and space. This includes churn: people coming and going from the company, growth: getting bigger, needing more space and dealing with a more complex environment and moving: expanding your facility, moving to a new one or just rearranging who sits where.

Reloconnect has the experience, tools, and staff to manage these challenges on a daily basis. Our facilities experts can augment your facilities department on an as-needed basis, whether that is for a short-term project or to supplement staff in the case of a long-term absence. This means you can keep your facilities staff lean, and they can stay focused on the big picture. Our services include:

  • Complete master and project planning and scheduling.
  • Development and implementation of processes and procedures to ensure services are delivered on a timely basis.
  • Coordination of all contractors and vendors.
  • Monitoring the status of individual projects as well as the overall set of projects.
  • Conducting weekly meetings and preparing management summary reports or meeting minutes.
  • Working with you and your architect in the planning of any facilities.
  • Assisting in the management of construction for tenant improvements or new facilities.
  • Assisting in furniture requirements analysis, selection of furniture and managing the installation of new furniture systems.