Relocation Connections Inc

About Us


Relocation Connections Inc. was started in early 1989 to provide a unique consulting service, helping companies deal effectively with the move process. The combined professional experience of our key professional staff spans more than 100 years.

We have a firm base in information technology and project management, combined with practical, hands-on experience in move coordination and the implementation of office technology. This expertise allows us to organize, coordinate, and manage multiple layers of tasks through proven techniques and technologies. But most importantly, it gives our clients incredible peace of mind, knowing that every detail, each aspect of their move is being brilliantly handled by a skilled and professional team.


Our commitment is to be a premier relocation management company to businesses by:

  • bringing a broad range of expertise and experience to all aspects of corporate relocation
  • conducting first-class relocations
  • putting a human, service-oriented face on the often-overwhelming change process


Ethical Service

We don't believe that honesty is the best policy -- it's the only policy. So you can count on us to tell you the truth about moving your business, possible pitfalls and the best ways to avoid them.

Our plans and estimates are as real-world as possible, based on our real-world experience of what it'll take to get the job done. In addition, we accept no referral fees or commissions from other vendors or contractors. So you can count on our recommendations to be independent and unbiased, based on matching your needs with the services and capabilities of the best provider for the job.


Quality is a way of life for us. It is a part of everything we do.

It begins by understanding our clients' businesses and their needs, both short and long term. In each case, we develop a move strategy that's appropriate to that company's specific objectives.

Quality is built into our project planning and management services as well. We don't guess or cut corners. We understand that change is stressful for everyone and endeavor to ease the process - by allowing employees to do their normal jobs while we focus on the one-time task of relocation.

Personal Service

Our services are unique. We are not just labor for hire. Relocation Connections Inc. guides you through the change process to bring about a seamless transition from your current facility to your new facility. We take into account not just the physical aspects of a move, but also the human aspects.

Planning and Attention to Detail

Planning is one of the cornerstones of our services because good planning insures good execution and successful projects are a result of good planning and attention to detail.

Our experience in managing projects allows us to create a project plan that is unique to your needs and requirements. The project plan details what is to be done, when it is due, and who is responsible. We don't like surprises either.

Anyone who has ever moved their home knows that they will have to deal with a thousand little details. A business multiplies that by a hundred - and makes each one that much more critical. With years of experience to draw on, we can ensure that we have accounted for all those details. On the final days at your old location, your employees will have phone and computer access, with boxes packed, stacked, and ready to go. On the first day in your new location, they'll also have phone and computer access, with boxes neatly stacked, ready to unpack. Our goal is to have 100% of your employees up and running on day one.

Mutual Prosperity

More than anything, we know that relocating a company is a major financial undertaking. We also understand that delays and problems can have a direct effect on your bottom line.

Although we can't guarantee a perfect move, it is our goal to provide one. We promise to give your move our absolute best, doing all we can to make it a cost-effective, hassle-free, positive experience. Ensuring your success and satisfaction is the best way we can ensure ours.